Free online accounting software for nonprofits.

Nonprofit Treasurer is a simple accounting app designed specifically for nonprofit governing boards and volunteer treasurers. Build trust, ease financial oversight, and reduce the burden of volunteer board roles.

Perfect for youth sports, scout troops, clubs, PTAs, HOAs, charities.

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An account with Nonprofit Treasurer is free for all small nonprofits and charities.

Bookkeeping for volunteer treasurers

Taking the financial reigns of your local nonprofit organization shouldn't be an epic undertaking - it should not be more difficult than managing your personal checkbook. Nonprofit Treasurer is bookkeeping with a simple design, with built-in tools for budgeting and reporting. It is easy to use, and it fits the unique structure (and responsibilities) of the volunteer treasurer role.

Cloud-based and secure

Your accounting journal is accessed with a web browser using secure bi-directional encryption from a reputable certificate authority. You may invite other users into your account, and revoke credentials when they leave your organization.

Import transactions

Bank transactions downloaded from your bank are imported into your organization's general ledger, saving time and allowing your organization's treasurer to contribute their time to running the org, not entering the bookkeeping.

Track expenses

Every check and credit card transaction are assigned to a budget that you choose. Transactions may be divided between multiple categories.

One-click reports

Monthly and year-end reports are fast and easy: Monthly and year-to-date expenses and income, pass-throughs, and budget performance reports are pre-programed and downloadable as pdf files at a click of a button.

Fits your calendar

Financial reporting and budgeting are based on your organization's fiscal year, not necesssarily the calendar year.

Attribute income

Donations and fundraising income, as well as expenses, are assigned to categories that fit your organization.

The Nonprofit Treasurer Payments feature allows charitable organizations to accept credit card payments online in minutes, by creating and publishing micro-websites for collecting payments from members or donations to your organization. NPT Payments makes accepting credit cards online simple and secure.

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Payments features are available to our account holders in the U.S. that are designated a 501(c) charitable organization.

What makes Nonprofit Treasurer a better way to manage any nonprofit's financial recordkeeping:


... Your role is to watch over your organization's money. But it's not your money - your members have worked very hard to fundraise and your donors are entrusting your organization to spend responsibly. Nonprofit Treasurer gives transparancy to your board or membership with a library of instant spending reports, bank balances, and budget tracking. You may invite other users to view all transactions and reports, and grant full or read-only access into your organization's account. Share full privileges with another individual without sharing your own login credentials. Accounts have lots of flexibility to be transparent and safe.

Categories that fit

Categorize transactions the way you want. Create your own categories (don't worry, we have suggestions). Assign donations, fundraising income, or spending to any category. Divide transactions any number of ways, across any category, without "fudging" the reports. Set up an annual budget per category, and compare to actual spending and income at any time.

Pass-through balances

... The balance in your organization's bank accounts is not always income. Some checks deposited are to pay for a group activity, or your organization might pay for something up-front and expect reimbusement from members. Nonprofit Treasurer was built with this in mind, and transactions categorized as "pass-through" are accounted for separately from income and expenses. Of course, this makes pass-through reconciliation effortless and maintains the integrity of your regular balances and budget reports.

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Account set-up is five quick steps and takes less than 10 minutes.

Great for any nonprofit

All types of nonprofit organizations benefit from our simple and customizable accounting system. Don't have your treasurer fighting with archaic spreadsheets or a legacy computer system. Give your governing board a clear, accurate, and consistent window into your organization's finances.

Scouting | Athletic Boosters | PTAs | Professional and Trade Organizations | Foundations | Athletic Clubs | Advocacy | Homeowners Associations

Any organization that needs to track expenses and fundraisers can use a Nonprofit Treasurer account to maintain confidence and demonstrate financial integrity to their board of directors and membership.


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Quick start set-up

Create an account in minutes and import transactions from your bank (or PayPal). Our account set-up is broken into five quick steps, and you never need to disclose bank account numbers or credentials.

If you choose to accept donations through our Payments module, we use a top tier payment processor with a tokenized processing to securely process credit card payments - so that bank account and credit card numbers never pass through our servers. Nonprofit Treasurer takes security seriously.

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