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All Nonprofit Treasurer Features are Free for Any Nonprofit Organization

We've made some big changes to Nonprofit Treasurer, and we are excited to unveil several new features to our users in the coming weeks. But the first announcement is perhaps the most important: we have changed our "freemium" subscription model to open up all features of our software to all of our organizations, and new signups will automatically have the use of all of our features, too.

Existing users will notice that their account subscription has been upgraded to the 'pro' plan and subscription expiration date set to 'never' - and existing paid subscription plans have been pro-rated and refunded (as of 2016-12-12). We have always strived to make Nonprofit Treasurer affordable for nonprofits of any size - and we think making it free is a good way to accomplish that goal.

If you were on the 'free' or 'basic' subscription plan before, be sure to take a look around and check out the Budget and Balances modules as well as the extended Users management functions now available to all accounts.