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Can I import QIF bank statement file into my Nonprofit Treasurer journal?

NPT uses the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) standard to read files (statements) exported from checking and savings accounts at financial institutions. File format type OFX is supported and generally .QFX and .QBO file types comply with this standard. Although files with the .qif filename extention (Quicken Interchage Format) use an older format, .QIF is still used by slow-to-change online banking systems and NPT will generally read these in without any problem.

Frustratingly, many online banking systems do a poor job of converting non-aphanumeric characters found in transaction descriptions into the encoded characters required in the OFX standard. Occasionally a user will report that they are unable to import a file, even though it has the .QFX or .QBO file extension. Note that we have incorporated translations for many of the common encoding mistakes that banks make, but we know that there are many more. If you are unable to import a checking or savings account export file into NPT that you've downloaded from your bank's online system, you should contact your bank's customer service and ask them to test the exported file.

You may read more about the Quicken Interchange Format and OFX file format on Wikipedia.