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What To Do When Having Diffculty Logging Into Nonprofit Treasurer

NPT requires a working email address that you have access to and a password to log into the application. Email addresses are validated by requiring the user to click on a link in an email sent upon signing up. Access to the application is limited until you have validated your email address.

Log into NPT on our home page using your validated email address and your password. If you have forgotten your password, there is a forgot password? link next to the log in that will help you. Again, access to the validated email address is required.

Note that your account credentials are kept as salted, hashed, and encrypted so that no one can see your password. The authentication process applies the same complicated mathmatical method to the credentials you supply and compares the result with what is stored on our servers to confirm that you are authorized to access the NPT account.

Additionally, Nonprofit Treasurer employs several invisible checks to keep bad actors from unauthorized access to the application. The techniques used and services employed are not made public and changed periodically (sometimes frequently). To prevent being locked out of your NPT account, we recommend our users follow these best practices:

Log in using email address
...not your NPT username. This is the number one reason users have trouble accessing their account.

Check your email
NPT will send you a password reset token via email if requested via the forgot password? link. This reset token (link) does expire, so use it to change your password and log into your NPT account right away. Our systems use a third party transactional email service with the highest internet reputation and ALL of our emails are sent within seconds. If you are not recieving an email from NPT, we can just about guarantee that the problem lies with your email provider, not ours. It is very unlikely that our email will be marked as spam, as we do not send marketing email and our content is plain, transparent, and specifically responding to your request.

Repeated log in failures will lock you out
Trying many email and password combinations will result in your account being locked. If this happens to you, take a break and use the forgot password? link after a while. Our systems may flag this type of behavior as an attempt at unauthorized access or hacking.

Be aware of public networks (wifi)
NPT screens access to our application by several factors and blocks access from known bad actor networks and servers listed as abusive. You should not be trying to access the application from a network that has been connected to hacking attempts elsewhere.

Use a modern web browser
Use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera on your destop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to access NPT. Any normal web browser that is kept up-to-date with a computer or cell phone that is regularly updated will work. Using our app on an out-of-date operating system and an old browser is not recommended (and perhaps is not a very secure place to store your organization's financial data).

Report problems via Twitter DM
If you are not able to log in to your account or reset your password after following these steps, our technical team monitors the NPT Twitter account @nptreasurer and may be able to help. Please describe your problem and include your email address (but never tell us your password - it won't help!). NPT strives to answer all questions within 24hrs.