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Resources for our community of volunteer treasurers, accountants, and board members of small nonprofit organizations.

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NPT Payments Pages Customizable with Color Themes

When creating a Payments campaign, users may choose one of seven color themes to apply to the campaign page (the micro-site web URL to direct donors to).

Switching between themes is a single click of the mouse:

screenshot payments theme selector

Examples of a campaign styled with different themes:

screenshot payments theme vintage charm screenshot payments theme clean highlighted screenshot payments theme simple bold

Read more about NPT Payments here.

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Dashboard Updates Show Payments Activity and Campaign Revenue

Organizations can now see all Payments activity in the account dashboard, including an up-to-the-minute total revenue received through their campaign pages, visits to their micro-site campaign pages, and counts of Payments transactions.

To learn more about Noonprofit Treasurer's Payments feature, watch an introductory video or visit

Payments activity in the dashboard

Pro Tip: Craft Your Payments Campaign for Effective Sharing on Facebook

When creating a Payments campaign, be sure to consider how it will perform on your organization's Facebook page. The campaign title and first few sentences will be displayed in your Facebook post when you share the campaign url, so make this important piece of the campaign page informative and brief!

Facebook post example

Payments campaign page example

Learn more about Payments:

New: Use Nonprofit Treasurer Payments to Accept Online Payments and Donations

You already use Nonprofit Treasurer to manage your small nonprofit organization's financials, and now you can create a funding micro-web site to accept payments and donations directly to your organization's checking account.

Dashboard page example

Learn more about Payments:

New: Create (and Launch) a Fundraising Campaign in 3 Minutes