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NPT Payments Pages Customizable with Color Themes

When creating a Payments campaign, users may choose one of seven color themes to apply to the campaign page (the micro-site web URL to direct donors to).

Switching between themes is a single click of the mouse:

screenshot payments theme selector

Examples of a campaign styled with different themes:

screenshot payments theme vintage charm screenshot payments theme clean highlighted screenshot payments theme simple bold

Read more about NPT Payments here.

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New: Single Category Reports

A new report is available to Nonprofit Treasurer users: the Category Report. While transactions have always been grouped by transaction category on all of our reports, we've heard that sometimes users would like to report on a single category (like, "dues"). Find the new Category Reports on our Reports page and let us know how it works for you!

screenshot category reports example

Another thank you to our users for the constructive feedback in the monthly survey. Category Reports comes directly from a user suggestion - Thank you!

Nearly 3 out of 4 of Our Nonprofit Organizations Serve Youth

In our ongoing efforts to connect with our users and the nonprofit organizations that they represent, NPT is now offering a short user survey each month. Users are prompted to answer 4 short questions about their nonprofit, or about their experience using our application - and we promise to highlight any interesting findings here, on our blog.

This month, we're learning that half of users consider their constituency to be "Local community" and almost 75% checked off that their organization serves "Youth". We'll update our findings are more responses come in, but for now we want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has taken a minute to click through our March survey.

vote sign

Log in and take tell us about your org here:

Continuous Improvement

Nonprofit Treasurer continues to work on our application, releasing the latest in a series of improvements to the NPT Journal and Balances ledgers. Users will find transactions by sorting, searching, and paging through longer lists of transactions in the Journal with the new functions, while never compromising the "drop-dead-simple" user interface that has become one of NPT's strongest features.

New search, sort, and paging features in the Journal

Dashboard Updates Show Payments Activity and Campaign Revenue

Organizations can now see all Payments activity in the account dashboard, including an up-to-the-minute total revenue received through their campaign pages, visits to their micro-site campaign pages, and counts of Payments transactions.

To learn more about Noonprofit Treasurer's Payments feature, watch an introductory video or visit

Payments activity in the dashboard

Nonprofit Treasurer Takes Security Seriously

We understand that small nonprofits rely on our application to hold their organization’s financial data – and we take this responsibility seriously. We have earned the trust of our customers by providing a responsive and reliable application, and here we describe our commitment to keeping our application robust and secure.

Account security
We serve our website exclusively via HTTPS, using SSL certificates from a leading, reputable authority. Our application uses encrypted sessions to maintain a reliable and secure connection to our servers, and user credentials are stored as salted hashes – so passwords are effectively impossible to extract that in the unlikely event of a data breach.

Software security
Our systems run the latest LTS (long-term support) version of Ubuntu Linux provided by one of the worlds most trusted (and fastest) cloud VPS providers, Linode. All server applications are updated automatically (daily) with any security-level updates and all other software patches are applied on a monthly schedule. Our servers have been ‘hardened’ according to current AppSec standards, including comprehensive firewall blocking, dynamic ssh denial, request logging, and regular automated security auditing.

Data security
All customer data is stored in state-of-the-art Postgresql database(s) configured with narrow access rules that silo each account’s data separately. Data access is granted in a tiered hierarchy, limiting data exposure even within our application. Automated backup snapshots are performed daily and stored externally.

Email security
Transactional emails are used to validate new accounts and provide users with password reset tokens, and is configured to provide one-way (outgoing) email service only. All NPT emails are sent through a secure, established third-party email provider (SendGrid) with sophisticated traffic monitoring to provide traffic our users with a trusted email source that is highly unlikely to be hacked.

Payment processing
All payment processing is done through Braintree (a Paypal company), which has been certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 (the most stringent level of PCI DSS certification available). Payments are made via a three-legged tokenization architecture, where payment data is transmitted to Braintree directly from the user’s computer (or phone) and confirmed by passing an encrypted token back to our servers - ensuring that credit card information is never passed to nor stored our NPT servers.

Incident reporting
All disruptions to Nonprofit Treasurer’s normal performance, including security incidents, are published promptly on our Twitter feed, @nptresurer and may be viewed by anyone at . If you need to report a problem or any security concern, you may DM our team via Twitter at that account also.

New: Use Nonprofit Treasurer Payments to Accept Online Payments and Donations

You already use Nonprofit Treasurer to manage your small nonprofit organization's financials, and now you can create a funding micro-web site to accept payments and donations directly to your organization's checking account.

Dashboard page example

Learn more about Payments:

New: Create (and Launch) a Fundraising Campaign in 3 Minutes

NPT Launches Executive Dashboard to Display Your Organization's Financial Status

Users logging into Nonprofit Treasurer in December will see some improvements to the user interface - the most obvious will be the addition of a executive dashboard page. The Dashboard gives an up-to-the-minute picture of their organization's financial health with four easy-to-read charts: Dashboard page example

  • Bank Account Balances: This chart displays the daily balance of each of your org's bank accounts for the current fiscal year.
  • Net Bank Accounts Balance: A line graph of displaying total daily account balances, less the daily balance of pass-through categories.
  • Revenue: A pie chart of revenue (income) by category for the current fiscal year (FYTD).
  • Expenses: Bar chart of expenses by category, ordered by total, for the current fiscal year (FYTD).

Tell us what you think of the new Dashboard!

All Nonprofit Treasurer Features are Free for Any Nonprofit Organization

We've made some big changes to Nonprofit Treasurer, and we are excited to unveil several new features to our users in the coming weeks. But the first announcement is perhaps the most important: we have changed our "freemium" subscription model to open up all features of our software to all of our organizations, and new signups will automatically have the use of all of our features, too.

Existing users will notice that their account subscription has been upgraded to the 'pro' plan and subscription expiration date set to 'never' - and existing paid subscription plans have been pro-rated and refunded (as of 2016-12-12). We have always strived to make Nonprofit Treasurer affordable for nonprofits of any size - and we think making it free is a good way to accomplish that goal.

If you were on the 'free' or 'basic' subscription plan before, be sure to take a look around and check out the Budget and Balances modules as well as the extended Users management functions now available to all accounts.